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Pile Cage Foot

Product Features

Designed to exceed the requirements of AS/NZS 2425:2015 for Bar Chairs, the Patented Co-Packers Pile Cage Foot is designed to ensure correct concrete cover at the bottom of the fabricated Pile Cage. 

PIle Cage Foot
Cage Foot

Cage Foot ( 1 Piece )

The 85mm Cage Foot is now a 1 piece item. With the addition of the Cage Foot Extension the concrete cover is increased to 100 or 150mm as required.

Cage Foot Extension

Cage Foot Extension

The Cage Foot Extension fits to an 85mm Cage Foot to maintain the 500kg load carrying capacity. This economic, push-on part also reduces the need to stock 2 or more bulky products.

The 100mm Cage Foot Extension is stackable to provide 15mm adjustments to the Cage Foot cover.


3 sizes 85mm, 100mm and 150mm
Suits bar sizes 16-40mm diameter
Large flat face to resist sinking
500kg load carrying capacity per foot
Made from 100% recycled material
Flexible internal ribbing for easy installation
Tie-off holes to secure smaller bars
100mm Extension stackable to allow adjustments

The Pile Cage Foot is available in a Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer variety (CFRP) to meet the additional requirements of Qld Transport’s MRTS63 and MRTS70.

Manufactured in Australia from 100% Recycled Polypropylene the Pile Cage Foot can be shipped direct to site at short notice. With the addition of the Cage Foot Extension (CFE100 and CFE150) a Maximum Load of 500kg per Cage Foot can be achieved on all 3 sizes.

85mm Cage Foot + 100mm Cage Foot Extension = 100mm Cage Foot
85mm Cage Foot + 150mm Cage Foot Extension = 150mm Cage Foot

Pile Cage Foot Products

NameProduct CodeConcrete CoverSuit Bar Size (mm)Quantity perMax Load Capacity
85mm Cage FootCF85-1PC85mm16-40602160500kg
100mm Cage Foot*CF100E  100mm16-40602160500kg
150mm Cage Foot*CF150E150mm16-40602160500kg

Cage Foot Extension - Requires 85mm Cage Foot

Cage Foot Extension - requires 85mm Cage Foot
100mm Cage Foot ExtensionCFX100100mm16-40602160500kg
150mm Cage Foot ExtensionCFX150150mm16-40602160500kg

*Includes 85mm Cage Foot plus Cage Foot Extension