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Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheel Spacer

Co-Packers PUSH FIT, Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheels, are a perfect alternative to Lightweight FastWheels or Circular Spacers because they offer a wider-footprint, preventing soil disruption and guaranteeing consistent concrete cover. 


The heavy-duty wheels can be attached as the Pile Cage is lowered into the ground. Co-Packers can also provide Custom-Made Pile Cage Spacers for additional cover or narrow-spaced spirals.

With a wider footprint than other products on the market, Heavy Duty Pile Cage Spacers don’t dig into soft soils and provide consistent concrete cover from 25mm to 110mm. Made from 100% recycled polymer, these spacers exemplify our commitment to sustainable construction practices.

What is a Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheel?

Heavy Duty pile cage wheels (also known as pile cage spacers, wagon wheels or circular spacers) provide the correct concrete cover for pile cage reinforcement bars. They hold the steel cage in place by holding it away from the side walls.

Unlike other pile cage wheels, Co-Packers’ wheels have a wider footing that maintains accuracy and are designed to avoid breakages while the pile cage is being installed.


Trusted by Piling & Foundation Projects Worldwide!

Upgrade your next project and experience the wider footprint  for rock-solid stability on soft terrains (including sand) and sufficient concrete cover.


Provides Concrete Cover from 25mm to 100mm
Manufactured from 100% Recycled Polymer
Simple Push Fit Installation
International Frieght Available
Manufactured in Australia
Built-in Security Clip (all sizes except 25 and 35mm Wheels)
Some Products Now Suit up to 25 Diameter Rebar.
Installed Without Needing Any Tools
Option CH (Close Helix) version for Earthquake rated Pile Cages
Custom Sizes Available On Request

Effortless Push Fit Mechanism

The Push Fit Mechanism allows Pile Cage Spacer Wheels to be installed without the need of any tools. This mechanism, initially designed by Co-Packers, is the first step in ensuring the Spacer Wheel remains in place.

Security Clip

The Security clip is especially suited in applications where Pile Cage Wheels are to be fitted to smaller diameter rebar. The Security Clips simply push into place ensuring the reinforcing bar is trapped in place.

Heavy Duty Cage Wheel Spacer

Heavy Duty Cage Wheel Size Options

Name Product Code Concrete CoverSuit Bar Size (mm)Width (mm)Quantity per
25 Heavy DutyHD25/202510 - 19302508000
35 Heavy DutyHD35/203510 - 19402006000
40 Heavy DutyHD40/204010 - 19401003600
50 Heavy DutyHD50/205010 - 1942282912
50 Heavy DutyHD50/255010 - 2540282912
65 Heavy DutyHD65/256510 - 2540301680
75 Heavy DutyHD75/207510 - 1939301440
75 Heavy DutyHD75/257510 - 2540241296
80 Heavy DutyHD80/208010 - 1945241296
85 Heavy DutyHD85/208510 - 1944241296
85 Heavy DutyHD85/258510 - 2540241260
90 Heavy DutyHD90/209010 - 1945241296
100 Heavy DutyHD100/2010010 - 194324864
110 Heavy DutyHD110/2011010 - 194430810

* Large 75/20 Heavy Duty Pallet of 2160 pieces available on request
Append CBN to any Product Code for the MRTS63 approved CFRP or ‘Carbon Wheel’ version
25 Heavy Duty and 40 Heavy Duty are not AS/NZS 2425:2015

Heavy Duty Cage Wheel Dimensions (mm)

Heavy Duty Cage Wheel Spacer

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