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Heavy Duty Cage Wheel Spacer

The HEAVY DUTY WHEELS can be attached as the Pile Cage is lowered into the ground. Co-Packers can also provide Custom Made Pile Cage Spacers for additional cover or narrow spaced spirals. Contact us for more information.


Pile Cage Foot

Designed to exceed the requirements of AS/NZS 2425:2015 for Bar Chairs, the Patented Co-Packers Pile Cage Foot is designed to ensure correct concrete cover at the bottom of the fabricated Pile Cage.

Close Helix Wheel Spacer

Close-Helix Cage Wheel Spacer

The Close Helix Spacer is designed to be used when Pile Cage Helices are too close together for a conventional Heavy Duty Spacer Wheel. This is often seen on Pile Cages where Earthquake resistance is required..


Pre-cast Products

We have a range of specialized bar chairs to suit pre-cast pile manufacture.

75mm Standard Wheel

Standard Cage Wheel Spacer

The Standard Pile Cage Spacer, also known as FastWheels or Circular Spacers, provide an economical option to the Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheel.

Star Post Cap

Post Caps

The Safety-Yellow Post Cap by Co-Packers, reduces the risk of cuts and abrasions from exposed rebar ends and star pickets.