• What size Cage Wheels do you have? +

    Co-Packers range of Pile Cage Spacers provide Concrete Cover from 25mm to 100mm
  • What size bar do they fit? +

    Co-Packers Pile Cage Spacer Wheels are designed to fit Reinforcing bars from 4mm diameter up to 20mm
  • How are they attached? +

    Co-Packers have designed a range of PUSH FIT Spacers which require no tools to install.
  • Are your products Main Roads Department approved? +

    Co-Packers have the only Polymer based Pile Cage Wheel approved for use on Qld Department of Transport and Main Roads Projects.
  • Do you have Cage feet to attach to the bottom of the Pile cage? +

    Pile Cage Feet are available to provide Concrete Cover at the base of a Pile Cage. The Pile Cage Feet are available to provide cover of 85, 100 and 150mm
  • How do I stop the Spacer Wheels coming off the Pile Cage? +

    Unlike many other Pile Cage Spacers the Co-Packers Pile Cage Spacer Wheels are designed to stay right where you put them. If they come off then we want to know.
  • How do I calculate how many wheels and feet to put on each cage? +

    Whilst it’s always best to refer to a design specification or local standards we can suggest using 4 to 5 Pile Cage Spacer wheels around the Circumference of a cage. Repeat this vertically up the cage at intervals no less than 1m.
  • How much weight will the cage feet hold? +

    Co-Packers Pile Cage feet are designed to withstand up to 500kg of weight whilst maintaining the required Concrete Cover.
  • What are the cage wheels made from? +

    The complete range of Co-Packers Pile Cage Wheels and Feet are manufactured from 100% Recycled Polypropylene.
  • Where do Co-Packers manufacture their product. +

    Co-Packers are proud to promote that all the product we sell is manufactured in Australia. Co-Packers Plastic Injection moulding facility is located in Brisbane and manufactures around the clock.
  • Can you supply Pile Cage Spacer Wheels direct to my job site? +

    Yes, Co-Packers can arrange freight on your order to have items shipped directly to your job site.
  • How do I know I’m getting a quality product. +

    Co-Packers manufactures in Australia and is AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 compliant. All product is tested to ensure consistency is maintained throughout every batch.
  • I don’t have an account with Co-Packers. Are distributors of your product in Australia? +

    Co-Packers range of products can also be purchases via outlets such as ARC Reinforcing, OneSteel Reinforcing plus many others. Contact us to find your local distributor.
  • Are Co-Packers products available in New Zealand? +

    Co-Packers range of products is now available in New Zealand via Canzac. Visit (insert link to new Canzac page) for more information.
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