The Standard Pile Cage Spacer, also known as a FastWheel or Circular Spacer, provide an economical option to the Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheel.

The Standard Pile Cage Spacer is designed to be use on Pile Cages with a Spiral Wire up to 13mm in diameter. These Spacers are currently offered in sizes to provide concrete cover from 25mm to 75mm.

We can also provide Custom Made Pile Cage Spacers for additional cover or close spaced spirals. Contact us for more information.

Co-Packers PUSH FIT, Australian made, Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheels are a perfect alternative to Lightweight FastWheels or Circular Spacers.

The HEAVY DUTY WHEELS can be attached as the Pile Cage is lowered into the ground. Co-Packers can also provide Custom Made Pile Cage Spacers for additional cover or narrow spaced spirals. Contact us for more information.

In response to each of the State Government's Transport Departments working to rule out the use of Plastic Spacer Wheels, Co-Packers have developed the Carbon Fibre SS Range of Spacer Wheel.

The new SS range of Spacer Wheel uses Carbon Fibre Technology to provide a Polymer giving some outstanding properties to the Pile Cage Spacer.

Our new product has already been approved by Queensland Transport and Main Roads for use in Cast-in-Place piles. (Complying with MRTS63 Cast In Place Pile - refer QLD TMR Product information for Bridges Structures Directorate)

The Close Helix Spacer is designed to be used when Pile Cage Helices are too close together for a conventional Heavy Duty Spacer Wheel. This is often seen on Pile Cages where Earthquake resistance is required.

The CH Spacer can be fitted as a SKID to provide cover where Helices are as close as 55mm between Centres.

The Pile Cage Foot is designed to ensure correct concrete cover at the bottom of the Reinforcing Pile Cage.

Manufactured in Australia from 100% Recycled Polypropylene.

content still to come.

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Co-Packers are working with "The Spacer Company", helping them develop a range of Products used to assist when laying Communications and High Voltage Underground Electrical Conduit.


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